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Yukon JV Gold

Yukon Properties Update July, 2011

Yukon JV Presentation


Project Highlights

  • Control of a 800 km2 district-scale land position in Yukon's emerging new Carlin-type gold district
  • Aggressive $1.2 million 2011 field program including >13,000 soil, silt and rock samples has led to grassroots discovery of multiple new drill-ready gold occurrences
  • 50-50 joint venture between Constantine Metal Resources and Carlin Gold Corporation moved quickly to establish a major land position in Yukon's emerging Carlin-style gold district in the Selwyn Basin
  • JV team combines Carlin Gold's extensive experience exploring for Carlin-type gold deposits in Nevada with Constantine's expertise and familiarity exploring the North
  • With a large property position, including numerous RGS silt anomalies exceeding the 95th percentile, opportunity for discovery is high
  • Ongoing evaluation of staking and acquisition opportunities of this vastly underexplored district


Why the Yukon?

Multiple new gold discoveries have highlighted the Yukon's exceptional potential.  The majority of these discoveries have been 'grassroots' in nature and have advanced quickly from raw stream sediment or soil anomaly prospects into advanced stage projects.  The Yukon has the right geology for hosting top tier gold deposits, yet remains grossly underexplored, with vast regions of the territory receiving virtually no modern methodical exploration for gold. 

A science based approach was taken, with claims staked specifically to cover tracts of ground with geochemical and geological elements characteristic of Carlin-type gold systems.  Targeting criteria in the Yukon include:

  • Ancient continental margin tectonic setting, similar to Nevada
  • Prominent regional scale thrust faults similar to those present in the Carlin-type environment in Nevada
  • Favourable carbonate-bearing host rock sequences
  • Key pathfinder elements in regional stream sediments
  • Presence of regional-scale antiforms that may present structural traps for gold mineralization
  • Proximity to documented occurrences of low-temperature arsenic minerals (realgar and orpiment)

For years, gold mining companies have searched the globe for the next Carlin-type gold district, and the new Osiris discovery by Atac Resources has, with little question, documented Carlin-type sediment hosted gold mineralization in the Yukon.  The potential significance of this discovery is enormous when considering Nevada's Carlin-type deposits are typically large and high grade and have produced over 100 million ounces of gold since discovery in the 1960s. 

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